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[YOAKE] Circular skirt

[YOAKE] Circular skirt

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Circular skirt using both front and back sides of Gusuku Hanaori.
Normally, the back side of Hanaori is usually fixed and hidden by sticking a core to hide the part of the floating weave.
This time at YOAKE, we intentionally placed it in the center so that you can enjoy the bold beauty of the back side.
Since it is made with two pieces of tulle, it is less likely to get caught and can be worn daily.
The length of the back is longer, and the beauty of the silhouette stands out every time you walk.
The back of the waist is elastic, and the size can be adjusted with a lace-up.
It has a zipper opening and a pocket on the right side.

[Gusuku Hanaori]
In 2000,Gusuku Hanaori began to be made in Okinawa.
Using automatic looms at our own factory in the prefecture, we consistently handle everything from design planning to fabric production.
We have achieved a wide width and strength suitable for clothing.
The woven pattern incorporates a traditional Okinawan woven pattern using a floating weave technique, and contains the desire for happiness.
Please enjoy the beautiful weave patterns unique to Okinawa.


Length (front 83cm/back 98cm)
Waist (rubber rise) 74cm Waist (maximum) 98cm
Kicking 440cm


100% cotton
(lining) 100% polyester

Model: 173cm

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